Week #6 MKMMA “All you need is Love”


There were so many positive experiences and random thoughts this week . The songs that played in my head this week were ” All you need is Love ” by the Beatles , and ‘Lucy in the sky with Diamonds ” also recorded by the Beatles . The first song is obvious due to the words of the second scroll about giving love to all humanity under all circumstances. The second song was triggered by the visual imagery of the shapes on my dashboard . I was thinking about the lyrics “picture yourself in a boat on the river”… and”marmelade skies’ which made me think about dreams and dream boards.

The second scroll helped me have one of my best weeks at work ever. My workplace is challenging with negativity , anger , jealousy , and ego . In Og the passage “love is my shield to repulse the arrows of hate and the spears of anger” resonated with me. The strategy to look someone in the eyes and answer them in silence with the words “I love you ” followed by a smile helped me to not be affected by the negative emotions of others! I was feeling great that I could observe peoples’ anger without feeling their emotions! The inside mind has to eliminate hatred and anger, in order to thrive!

Shapes, dream boards, colors and association of colors and patterns to smart goals and PPN’s was brilliant and mind bending. One of the most powerful strategies to trigger the’ mind within’ this week for me was placing a picture of the 4 shape patterns with goals and/or PPN’s written, on the car dashboard so that the reflection of the shapes was visible in the windshield” bombarding the subby” . What a feeling of joy I had . It is the same kind of thing that happens after you have a lightbulb flash in your eyes and you see images in front of your face . I had some challenges with the dream board and pictures because I coudn’t figure out how to put words inside the shapes ! The most successful ap to achieve this for me was powerpoint . After I put the text into my shapes , the printer wouldn’t work.

Focusing on a picture for 10 minutes and trying to remember the details was also challenging at first. Practice makes perfection .

Wearing a compass over my watch served as a good reminder to follow my heart and not the time. I’m always looking at my watch at work to record a specific time that individuals arrive to receive merchandise . When I looked at my wrist and saw the compass taped to my watch, I had a big smile and said , “YES , this is what I want” !

I enjoyed being a guest on the digital lecture on Monday night sharing my dream board with everybody ; I was surprised and felt special when I received a acknowledgement on the video summary . I thank you very much for the opportunity to share and be a part of the master key.

My DMP was rewritten on Tuesday ! After reading it for the last month and trying to inject enthusiasm into the words , I scraped it and put a lot more enthusiastic words . The result was .. WOW! In my interactions with others , i found out they also came to the same conclusion and and rewrote their DMP .Is this a mere coincidence or is it a connection of the universal mind?

The pattern association of shapes and colors this week allowed me to witness things that that I hadn’t previously recognized or acknowledged before , even though I have been driving the same road for months . The image and pattern just jumped into my mind and my vision !


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