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Virtual Makeovers, Flipping Cards & Gratitude – Oh My! My Master Key Experience -Wk#15

My thoughts this week are about Benjamin Franklin and our virtual makeover. I found out something unusual about the virtual list that Franklin created in the 1700’s . I made a grid of the days of the week and the virtues; when we see the virtue in ourselves and others , we place a black dot in the grid for the day and the week. At the end of the 13 weeks , we have a page full of black dots. In the auto biography by Ben Franklin, his goal was to see a clear page ,because he put a dot in the grid when he found fault against the virtues . Franklin was a very wise man , but he did not have the knowledge of the Master Key. He was focusing on the negative faults. Our Makeover included organization, Kindness, taking initiative , Discipline, Decisiveness, Courage , Special Knowledge, Enthusiasm, Self control, Persistence, Imagination, Pleasing personality and seeing God in others . The list of Ben Franklin’s virtues list was appropriate for the time . I illustrate them here to compare them to ours and to Aristotle who lived in 385 B.C. There are many similarities . The list of virtues by Ben Franklin follow:

Temperance : referring to eating and drinking , reflecting self control and restraint.

Silence: He felt that he could gain knowledge at the same time by listening.

Order: This is similar to organization.

Resolution: Funny how we are not doing any New Years Resolutions by doing the makeover ! He meant this to mean Resolve to perform what you should; Perform without fail what you resolve. (persistence)

Frugality : Make no Expense but to do good to others or yourself. (service), Saving “a Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”,

Industry: Lose no time ; Always be employed in something useful ; cut off any necessary activities (discipline )

Sincerity : Think innocently and justly, and speak accordingly. (truth,Honor,Trustworthy)

Justice : Do the right thing for others. (Law /Honesty)

Moderation: avoid extremes

Cleanliness: Tolerate no uncleanliness in body or clothes or habit

Tranquility : Be not disturbed (pleasing personality )

Chastity : Don’t jeopardize your reputation ( no extramarital affairs)

Humility: Obedience , Subservient , (Seeing God in others)

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher in 384 B.C. and he was a student of Plato. He believed that the function of the human was to engage in an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue , There were two overriding virtues :Intellectual and Moral . The intellectual virtues were acquired by Inheritance and education and the moral ones were acquired by Practice and habit ( Laws of the mind ). The highest virtue was intellectual contemplation ( thought ) . Here are the other virtues by Aristotle :

Courage; Bravery

Temperance : self control and restraint

Liberality : generosity

Magnificence: zest for life

Pride : self -satisfaction

Honor: respect , admiration ( of others)

Good Temper : level headed (pleasing personality )

Friendliness: social,

Truthfulness: Truth and Trust

Wit : sense of humor . Funny how that was a virtue back then.

Friendship : companionship

Justice : Impartiality and Fairness

The first week has been great . My first virtue was Organization. Since I have been noticing this virtue and focusing on it , I have been more organized with my thinking and daily activities.

Flipping Cards

`According to Haanel, “a thought containing principle is vital, … contains life … and takes root and eventually displaces negative thoughts ” By flipping cards, I have experienced many positive associations, thoughts and emotions . The cards with sentences , previous events , and gratitude are supposed to create pictures in our mind , give power to our thoughts and create abundance and harmony !

A few notes about Gratitude

In the autobiography by Ben Franklin , he made a chart similar to OATS. He accounted for his time during the day to be more efficient . I noted that he wrote on a column to the left of his schedule ” what good shall I do today ” in the morning hours and “what good have I done ” at the end of the day. This could have been his way of noting gratitude and service . Brendon Bouchard is a writer , motivator and wrote the book High Performance Habits! His words are :

“Did I Live? Did I Love ? Did I Matter?”

His words link to Og and the Scrolls :

“If I lived , was I vibrant , positive , and happy? If I loved ,did I lead with my heart ?( scroll 2 ) was I vulnerable , caring and did I share? If I mattered , did I stay on the path to helping others ( scroll 3 )”

He says ” thank you for this beautiful day. I hope that I served well. I want to release all of the energy and all of the emotions of this day. I would love to sleep tonight peacefully . There is nothing from this day that’s going to come into tomorrow (scroll 4 ). I have done all that I can. There is nothing for me to do until I wake up well-rested and excited for the day . I appreciate the opportunity to live today . Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Thank you for the health of my wife , and family and friends . Lord please let me sleep tonight .”

My mind is strong . I was able to do a simple test this week which looked at the ability to focus and recite a color while reading a word . The word and the color were different . For example , the word would be red , but the color of the word was yellow. Through the power of focus and mind strength , I was able to focus to guess the correct color and not be affected by the word. This is similar when we read the Scrolls . After 2 weeks, we are the gatekeepers. This is a just another example of the power and strength of the mind . The journey continues. I am looking forward to focusing on my virtues in myself and others over the coming weeks .

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  1. Laura Hitt

    So thoughtful, thank you for sharing! I also looked up some of the information on virtues. I really appreciate you summarizing it for us so succinctly. I also really like the paragraph or prayer that you shared, I think by Brendon Bouchard. I think I will modify that and write it down and say it before bed myself. … Just said it to myself now, and saved those words for later and I’ll add them to my “functional bookmarks.” Thank you!

  2. Bibi Lindahl

    Hi, Phil! Thank you for sharing your thoughts this week. I love the Franklin Makeover we’re doing and I find it quite peculiar that he did the opposite by dotting down the negatives he observed. I’m glad we’re focusing on the positive instead so the virtues will grow! 🙂 Interesting to see the other virtues you mentioned. I wish ‘wit’ was on our chart, but I can always add that one and any other I like, after our 13 weeks have past. I’ll be the most virtuous, noble, rightous person who ever walked the earth before the year is over! Ugh, I sure hope not …. ??

    I wish you a wonderful day! ❤️

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you BiBi . We can always add things to the list of virtues because it’s our list ! You are quite noble, righteous, and wonderful ?.

  3. Randy Kalisek


    Me too. I started with my desk, and it’s better. Organizing my time is another story!

    1. philipmach1

      I agree that this has been a struggle for me as well

  4. hereinspired

    I enjoy how you weave in additional content and link it to what we’re learning in the Master Key Experience! Thank you for sharing these additional perspectives along with your own! 🙂

  5. saskapaca

    I love all of your insights here Philip!

    1. philipmach1

      I didn’t see the message before but I will check this out . Thank you

      1. philipmach1

        Thank you for your thoughts and comments . The MKE is amazing and the journey has been unforgettable . Re -reading our blogs does give me shivers and emotions that hold true . We are proceeding forward to succeed and never looking backwards .

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