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The Road Back from the Movie World: My Hero’s Journey to Self Discovery Week 14 MKE

This week we discussed the hero’s journey and call to action. The call to action is an important beginning to a new adventure . Throughout our lifetime , we walk the path many times depending on our age , current knowledge , our willingness to change , and the courage to recognize our truth and live our dream life ! There is usually some gnawing feelings , frustration ,and challenges that we face daily that prompts us to start our journey . We need to seek nonconformity and be unique ( scroll 4 ) , express our love for life ( for ourselves and others) (scroll 2) and be willing to change our attitude ( to seek harmony ) as well as change our conditions. The reasons we pursue a heroes journey may be initiated by our current dissatisfaction with our roles in society, boredom , frustration , or wanting to discover our “bliss” or ” true self” as Joseph Campbell describes. It takes courage , and Faith to face your truths, and to stand up for yourself and express your unique talents . We can help the universe by having a defined purpose in life , and be willing to take risks, and help others along the way !

adapted by Christopher Vogler – a detailed CHaracter Arc

I realize that every major story / video game / movie uses the same script: there is a person (main character) living their life and they are bored , or frustrated ; they realize that they have a purpose to fulfill . This person faces an internal dilemma on a personal journey fraught with inherent risks of the unknown world to face their fears or a major conflict. Ultimately , after overcoming many obstacles, there is either success ,along with a celebration and reward, or “death” with a rebirth ( leaving a legacy for others ). With Success comes a new sense of direction , a changed life forever, and a renewed vigor. Joseph Campbell’s momomyth from his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces described the heroes journey.

The main character in the monomyth is the “hero”. The hero can be thought of as an ” archetype ” . This is defined by Jung to describe a typical character or a situation that represent patterns of human nature . They can trigger emotions, and provide a way to understand our minds and actions. We can see patterns of behavior that we identify with . This is why we love stories so much. In every journey we overcome setbacks and conditioned behaviors of our old blueprint. The journey initially may begin as a quest for wealth and achievement , but ultimately may transition to internal growth leading to personal transformation.

One of my favorite movies “The Wizard of OZ” follows this script . Dorothy was going outdoors despite warnings from her grandparents . When a tornado struck the town , Dorothy sought shelter, was hit on the head , and had a deep sleep (a dream that carried her with her home ) to the land of Oz (the other world which is full of color ) . She met Glenda the good witch ( her mentor ) who inspired Dorothy to start her hero journey to get back home by finding the Wizard and following the yellow brick road .Dorothy had blind faith that the wizard would help her get “home” and the yellow brick road was her path to Discovery. Home could also represent a metaphor for her road to discovering her true-self. ” The people in her life from the ordinary world that she met in Oz are in the form of a lion , a scarecrow and a tin man. They were seeking courage , intelligence with thought power, and love. They needed to trust the journey ,and have faith to develop a strong BELIEF ! All of the characters had the hidden talents they were seeking but they needed belief and trust to make it real. They all formed a mastermind alliance group and developed a plan of action !. The heroes journey involved many challenges and risks that were life threatening , with the wicked witch, the flying monkeys, and the treacherous road to OZ. Dorothy gained wisdom and knowledge from her friends( her mastermind) and they finally were able to meet the wizard . He made them face a final challenge of life and death in which they risked everything to survive ; they were successful because they had belief and a burning desire ! Ultimately , they defeated the wicked witch ,got her broomstick as proof of her death and returned victorious and confident. Dorothy had crossed the threshold and now had transformed her life . She became confident in her wants and needs, and did service helping her mastermind group ( Courage for the lion, love for the tin man and Intelligence to the scarecrow) and the Munchkin people (who were saved from the torture by the wicked witch ) ! Glenda the good witch helped Dorothy realize that she had the power all along to return “home ” to the ordinary world. Her heroes journey was successful because she experienced life changing events, fulfilled her purpose , and helped others . This gave her renewed self- confidence , courage and faith to live harmoniously with her family in the ordinary world again.

My hero journey has started again. My career as a Physician was fulfilling and rewarding encompassing the majority of my life. I accomplished many great things that I am grateful for . I was able to impact the lives of many people , devoting time and focused effort to achieve success . When I finally left the career I was “stuck “and conformed initially to the family wishes to not start another career on top of my full time job and the sole provider to my elderly father. I failed to take full advantage of the Master Key Experience initially and did not seize the opportunity to change my life . Fortunately, given another opportunity , I took full advantage. I needed to develop a deep inner core strength and be “reborn” , “Be true to myself ,”and “discover my bliss “. I was now mentally prepared for my destiny journey , willing to take risks , and explore my fears . The goal was to train my subconscious mind from within to help me defeat the demons ( my old blueprint) that I have carried since birth. I was merely existing in the ordinary world and wanted more . I needed the call to adventure . I developed a burning desire and purpose (DMP) by setting goals, and had a plan of action using the creative power of thought , and connection to the Universal Mind in the Spiritual world . Refusal to call . I was scared to proceed and was clinging to my comfort zone, instead of embracing growth . Do I stay or do I go ?

I had fears and personal doubts. I was forced to make a decision: stay in a world with an illusion of security or embark on my adventure. Cross the Threshold This is the point of no return . I reached the conclusion that I was going to change my life forever and find my “bliss”. It was the first of several turning points . Trials, Friends , and Foes I met many obstacles along the way . Many people tried to stop me . They planted doubts in my mind about my abilities . Few people complete the hero’s journey and most people will unconsciously sabotage your dreams . Meet the Mentor – Magical Wizards : Mark , Davene and the Guides. They were the magical counselors that helped me direct my purpose (my POA) (DMP) :the readings from Haanel , the scrolls by Og, the daily exercises , and focused creative visualization . They manifested themselves when I was ready to accept them into my life . They spoke about guiding yourself from within. These all helped me dispel some of my doubts and gave me hope , courage and strength to continue my quest for self discovery and knowledge.

Additional notes regarding the Tests, Allies and Enemies: My allies – all of the mastermind groups and new friends I met. I know who have my best interests . The Enemies – dragons , lions and tigers and bears ( oh my ! ) or Gremlins that Laura speaks about . I learned about the Mental diet, giving love to everyone , giving service to help , giving more to get more , met my future self in the mirror and had tons of gratitude for everything in my life . The things holding me back were emergencies or life events , my girlfriend and family misunderstanding the time constraints necessary to feed my mind , and my old habits and former blueprint trying to replace the cement that had already fallen off. Some of the activities I performed included maximizing my overall efficiency, avoidance of procrastination, writing creative blog posts, and participating in social media events and mastermind groups . The Approach to the Inner Cave: “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek ” Joseph Campbell. My inner conflict with work commitments, ( job , officiating sports ) , starting to write my first book, fear of failure and finding the time to complete assignments . ! Last week I decided to take the flying leap of faith into the abyss. The holidays came and there was a time of reflection to find the courage to continue the journey and heal old traumas or scars . The Ordeal: time to face my biggest challenges – procrastination, getting things done , persisting and overcoming self doubt . All of the skills and exercises learned along the way helped me prepare for success that lies ahead. Everything is on the line now . This is my high point and I’m prepared to finally deal with the big demons and take a big risk . My life will never be the same using NARC and getting my new makeover in weeks ahead. Having the mindset to never quit (scrolls plus exercises). Failure is not in my vocabulary .(scroll 4) . My gratitude list is enormous and grows daily . I’m ready to seize the ultimate treasure of happiness, health and financial freedom creating a legacy for my children . After I slay the dragon, and get my prize of transformation of my life , I need to be prepare to return to the ordinary world and home . I have the power of the subconscious mind , the ability to love everyone , and the power of thought with creative visualization and applied knowledge . I’m invincible and will not quit .

Scenes of coming attractions: I can taste the rewards. However , I can’t be too overconfident and must maintain my vigilance guarding against the inner demons. Keep an “underdog mindset” described by Dean Graziosi in his latest book ” the Underdog advantage”. The underdog mindset means that you should never feel overconfident once you succeed because you can fall hard if you rely on what you have already accomplished . He believes you should continue to work hard to not loose your edge. I need to anticipate the dangers ahead. I need to face my ghosts , and leave behind the old world for good to have a happier full life . I plan to go to Kauai this summer after completing my course with the master key to help me sustain my growth and slay the big monsters in the cave. I have had many challenges ( obstacles like the old habits , fears, old blueprint and habits ) trying to defeat me. I like the analogy of the hero’s journey to the main character in a video game ( like Zelda) . As you play the game you collect coins or lives to advance to different levels . Along the way you encounter many obstacles , have to do battle and meet friends to help you on your journey . There are the ultimate life or death challenges at the end of the game . If you have saved up lives by successful completion of the previous levels ( acquired the knowledge and skills to survive ) then you have ammunition to defeat the big monster or dragon. If you are able to defeat the dragon ( it will take every skill and ounce of courage and, will and determination ) then you win and you can return successfully to the ordinary world . If you win , you live and you” beat the game” . If you fail , you die , but are resurrected . You might have to go through various stages before you are able to have the opportunity to face that dragon again , but that road to get back is much harder requiring more will and determination then the first time . After you defeat the dragon for the last time, you can help others achieve their goals and teach others the skills to survive and be transformed . I know that the journey is not linear and can take many turns with highs and lows . Its a cycle and you may need to return periodically to the other world before having true ultimate success . I am filled with love and gratitude ! I am a warrior and ready to be transformed . Embrace the journey!

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  1. Bibi Lindahl

    Great blog post, Phil! ♥ Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! ♥ Love your insight of the Hero’s Journey, thank you so much for explaining the different steps and what they may contain. Interesting how you did that with The Wizard of Oz’. I have never seen it, but know the story. I decided, however, that it’s time I saw the movie so I have just bought it on Youtube-movies. It will be interesting to see it with your notes in mind – I’ll keep an eye out for those Hero’s Journey’s steps.
    I am happy for you and proud of you for now taking the full advantage of your Hero’s Journey with the Master Key Experience, and I am so very lucky and deeply grateful to be on the journey with you! Adding the song by The Clash was funny (hadn’t heard that one for a while!). Stay or go? Glad you made the right choice! 😉
    So happy for you that you are going to the event in Kauai this summer! Wish I could meet you there … As you know, I will be going to the event in France instead, but I have been wondering if I could/should do both …
    Anyway – you are indeed a warrior, a true Hero on this magnificent Journey, one who persists until he succeeds. And always remember: You are nature’s greatest miracle! Keep up the good work, my courageous friend! ♥
    Thank you so much for linking to my blog! 😀

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you for your praise of my writing . I had to write it as Heroes because when I wrote hero’s it saved the word as hero&@s
      So it’s heroes … I don’t know if writers will cringe .. lol .
      I love your comments and I appreciate you so much . I would love to go the French Riviera

      1. Bibi Lindahl

        Teehee, I didn’t even notice the ‘Heroes’ instead of Hero’s in your headline! 😉 I can usually spot a typo from three miles away, but I didn’t catch that one. I guess I was just eager to read your post this week! 😀
        We’ll meet one day, either here or there. I am sure of it! ♥ I appreciate you very much, too ♥

        1. philipmach1

          Thank you
          I fixed all of the typos and Web links

  2. johannariedel

    Thank you for sharing! I like the song you used from The Clash. It describes my thoughts at times, but then again, am I willing to die? Oh NO! Keep on persisting Philip.

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you ! You can be “reborn “
      You are one of nature’s miracles

    2. philipmach1

      Thank you ! You can be “reborn “
      You are a nature’s greatest miracle

  3. Breege

    I so enjoy your blog posts Philip and amazed how your tied in the Hero’s journey with the wizard of OZ – I recorded this film from the TV more than 25 years ago onto an old VHS tape and was amazed that it was a film my young children watched over and over again! Thank you for also sharing your personal journey – I find it so inspirational and also a big thank you for link to my blog.

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you for your wonderful thoughts ! We are all on the yellow brick road to see our future self in the land of Oz !

  4. hereinspired

    Phenomenal post–enjoyed how you wove in the Wizard of Oz and used the analogy of video games. The info about the ‘underdog mentality’ from Dean Graziosi’s book was useful to know as well. But the part I like the best is when you relate what you’re experiencing to your own life… very inspiring! You’ve got this! 🙂

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you so much for your great comments . I appreciate your thoughts very much

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