The Happiness Experience and Formula for Life: MKE- Week 18

I have experienced so much happiness in the past several months that I can’t help but to share my thoughts ! So, what’s this really about? What does it mean to be truly happy ? Happiness can be defined as a “feeling that comes over you, and you can’t help but smile” . Many of my fellow members of the Master Key Experience class agree that they are much happier . True happiness is about loving yourself and is not dependent on materialistic things or the presence of others.  Throughout history many philosophers had their own theories . Aristotle felt that it was spiritually based  and centered on good moral character.  Epicurus proposed that balance and temperance created space for happiness. He claimed :”He who is not satisfied with a little , is satisfied with nothing”. Nietzsche’s description claimed that happiness was a fleeting condition and an “ideal state of laziness”, not having any worries. Jose Ortega, a Spanish philosopher felt that each person defines their own reality  as to what can make them happy. There is a convergence of “what we want to be” and “what we truly are”. And finally , Slavoj Zizek  indicated that being truly happy is a matter of opinion, and not of truth . His negative approach is similar to how we act when we say ” I will be happy when I achieve this level of money ” or when I take an expensive vacation . But in reality they never get to experience “true happiness”.

        Presently I am experiencing the wisdom  of Shawn Anchor , an author of the book “the Gratitude Advantage “. He  had an informative TED talk about achieving happiness . Some of the advantages that I have enjoyed are improved  productivity  , focus , and learning at a faster pace . His formula for happiness includes  the following : A) Writing down 3 things you are grateful for daily B) Meditation and  or focus about one thing for 15 minutes C) Exercise and moving your body D) Writing a few sentences about a positive experience in the past 24 hours E) Random acts of Kindness

These things have been incorporated into my daily life and I am truly a much happier person . I have been more present , more kind, more grateful  and seek goodness in others . It is a habit that I have developed and plan to continue for the rest of my life! I know that from speaking to many members of the Master Key group and reading their  blogs ,  that it has been a life changing experience for them too .

I think its fitting to close with a very moving song about happiness by Pharrell Williams because it makes me want to dance and sing about being “happy” every time

I have included some of the blogs from other members of the Master Key below so please read at your leisure .




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  1. hereinspired

    I really enjoyed your post–it was interesting to read about how different philosophers described happiness and the music video you shared is one of my favorites! Keep smiling! šŸ™‚

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you so much ! I always look forward to reading your comments and appreciate your thoughts ! Love the music … dance and sing .

  2. Bibi Lindahl

    Glad to know you are one of the many members of the MKE who are happier, my dear friend! ā™„ So am I! šŸ™‚ I love that song by Pharrell Williams! It always makes me want to dance (so I do!) Keep up the good work! ā™„

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you for the kind words as always . Iā€™m happy to be happy

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