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The Good News

I have returned to resume my blog posts again! I am now an alumnus of the Master Key Experience course and it has changed my life forever ! I am beginning a new direction with great intent and have undergone spiritual growth and transformation . I understand that life is what you make of it. I am a firm believer in the development of good habits, and the importance of being alone with your thoughts ; the only thing that you can control are your thoughts. I now have the courage and the will to persevere until I succeed . As I go through the lectures of the MKE a second time , I know that the abundance and gratitude will be heightened . I have such an admiration and respect for all of the Master Key members , as well as Mark, Davene and all of the guides. My new plan is to be a creative writer as I have several ideas for fantasy novels based on true life events . I’m ready to explore the next phase of growth and I wish to share it all with you .

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