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The Blueprint for being Self Directed

I am presently enrolled in the Master Key class for the second time . I now have a much different perspective and a deeper understanding of the information. Over the past one year , I have observed significant growth emotionally , and spiritually ; my level of happiness and gratitude have blossomed. It all starts with gratitude and humility on a daily basis . Writing three gratitudes and self – reflecting positive moments of the the day before , have given me joy and peace . The week one readings laid out a” blueprint for being self directed” with three different resources: “The Greatest Salesman”, by Mandino OG, “Think and Grow Rich “by Napoleon Hill , and “The Master Key” by Charles Haanel . The texts were unique and slightly different , but the message was the same :how to live a life of purpose , on purpose to live your bliss . The Master Key Experience is all about developing a new blueprint to train the subconscious mind utilizing multiple exercises in order to develop good habits; the teaching methods and organization by Mark J and the staff are to not influence your thoughts, but to help you find your pathway to greatness !

“The Greatest Salesman in the World ” is about a camel boy Hafid , who desired to be a great salesman. Pathros, his teacher, cautioned him that real wealth lies in the heart, in happiness, love, and peace . Hafid received a treasure chest with 10 scrolls to study and master the principles ; the benefit was for not only material wealth , but also mental and spiritual wealth . The first scroll holds the secret of learning , laying the foundation for the remaining 9 scrolls . Several passages refer to the subconscious mind: …” to use hard mental labor” so that the” information will seep into the mind that never sleeps ” . The subconscious mind affects the conscious mind. The steps to success involve being a” slave to good habits”, embracing failure , and having patience. The practice and repetition to form good habits yields increased energy, and enthusiasm for life . Also noted in the first scroll was a reference to the subconscious mind , that it is instinctive and is controlled by emotions . This point was also noted by Haanel in the Master Key .

The chapter on Desire , from the book , Think and Grow Rich” , was one of the cornerstones to success . Specifically, Napoleon Hill described 13 principles to success . The ” secret” lies in the development of a burning desire , having a written definite major purpose and goal, and strong faith that you believe that what you desire has already happened . He had a “blueprint” builder , to develop self- confidence , serve others and to not display any negative emotions towards other individuals. The control of negative emotions makes a reference to the “7 laws of the Mind “. The key to being self -directed , is achieved by persistent thoughts of your burning desire accompanied by strong faith, autosuggestion, imagination and a mastermind alliance. The above will create a plan of action that will come about by the actions taken if we believe strongly in our desires . The exercise of training your mind will yield a plan of action eventually as a thought is brought into physical reality .

Charles Haanel’s , author of ” The Master Key” guide to be self directed is through the reflection and development of the inner world (the subconscious mind) . There is a connection of the inner world (subconscious mind ) vs the external world ( conscious mind) . The only thing we can control is our thoughts ; the world within has infinite wisdom, resources , and intelligence. There is a connection of the subconscious mind to the Universal mind , and we are all connected . Success lies in the ability to utilize the power of thought to control the will. There are exercises to develop this power and the ability to control our thoughts . We need to be able to utilize the limitless power of the universe and connect our inner world with our spiritual self that is omniscient , omnipresent and omnipotent .
The journey to be self directed is all of the above . The bottom line is that the Master Key Experience is unique and powerful if you are willing to do the work and utilize the power that you already possess .

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