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Strategies to Diminish the Effects of Worrisome Behavior : Master Key Mastermind Alliance

The world is in turmoil ,so there is an abundance of fear, anxiety and worry exacerbated by restricted access to the outside world. The people that conform to society are captivated by the news media reporting 24/7 feeding consistent gloom and doom ; This creates a negative mindset , lack of ambition, and illness with emotional distress. Worrisome behavior is a destructive habit .” When you worry you don’t stop the bad stuff, but you can’t enjoy the present. ” The negative vibrations bring limitation, and a “failure consciousness mindset.” The clinical syndrome of anxiety and stress is characterized by a rapid heart rate and high blood pressure and nervousness. Over time , there may be a higher incidence of ulcers, heart disease, and depression. Due to lack of focus , concentration, and scattered consciousness there is disharmony with the Universe. Our society benefits from human connection which is being pulled apart by the current crises.

I have brief moments when I wonder if this is a dream ? Fortunately , I am grateful and have the privilege to be working in the construction industry since the government has deemed the industry as essential . However, the risk is great interacting with the public . When I get to work , I am wearing gloves and disinfecting all of the desk surfaces, phones , calculators , doorknobs and bathroom facilities . I have to wash my hands before and after I go to the bathroom, and before and after I eat , being careful not to touch my face to adjust my glasses. I see people everywhere wearing gloves, masks with fear on their countenance. When I get home, I remove and disinfect and wash my clothing, shower , disinfect my car seat and the materials I bring into the house. I also need to be vigilant that my father of 97 years is following the same guidelines. He forgets to wear gloves , touches his nose intermittently , or causally wonders out from the office to face the public ; It can be difficult to get him to follow directions at times since he gets confused periodically .

Development of a positive mental attitude and mindset seems impossible under these circumstances. Our negative thoughts bring about more negative thoughts and bad Karma. In addition, the energy required to generate a positive solution is destroyed leading to exhaustion. Dale Carnegie wrote the book”How to Stop Worrying and Start Living “ in 1948. Two quotes that represent his thoughts: “shut off the past” and “shut out yesterdays “. His suggestions included acceptance of the worst case scenario , writing down your thoughts and feelings, leaving the past behind to focus on the present , and forming a mastermind group.

How to Survive and Thrive

I am so grateful for the training in the Master Key System the last 6 months because I learned many principles for survival , including how to be a self directed thinker with definite goals, strategies to reduce fear , and guidance to fulfill my purpose by giving service to society . Napolean Hill, and Charles Haanel wrote about the power of thought and having a positive mental attitude . The keys to development of a successful mindset starts with goals and desire , persistence in the face of failure, imagination , organized planning , and the formation of a mastermind group . Being present and being your best true self is the key to health and wealth. Practice of the mental diet ,with no negative thoughts( to the best of my ability ) is assisted by the law of dual thought ( substituting negative thoughts for positive ones ). Using the Law of relaxation , I am able to connect to infinite intelligence. Knowledge of the law of least effort allows me to accept responsibility without blaming others. I learned about the power of the spirit and creative visualization to set goals . Napolean Hill stated “you are what you think about ” and stressed the importance of establishing goals ; 95 % of the population fail to establish goals settling to live in poverty and blaming society for their fate . If you cultivate a “positive consciousness” mindset, there will be more positivity in your life. Mandino Og , author of the Greatest Salesman of the World ,wrote many passages that I recite when I feel stressed:” I Greet this day with love in my heart ,” I am master of my emotions,” “I will laugh at the world, “and ” I will persist until I succeed”. My DMP (definite major purpose ) statements help me focus when negative thoughts arise . I use the comfort zone as a tool ; when I sense fear , anxiety , worry and frustration, my energy is refocused to channel them to be a positive experience.

With the current situation , I have had time to reflect about previous distractions of life. There are no movie theaters , sporting events and social gatherings . I fully appreciate the importance of family and relationships with others by being present. Acts of performing and observing kindness , giving more without the expectation of reciprocity and loving nature gives me a tremendous sense of gratitude and happiness ! The only way to enjoy the future is to bury the past . This will bring peace and happiness .The practice of mindful meditation helps to control my emotions by accepting things as they are . “When you have learned to control your thoughts you will have discovered the world within ” (your subconscious mind ). The world of without ( your conscious mind) is affected positively and you enjoy life effortlessly. When you change your thoughts , you change your life .

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