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Secrets of the Law of Attraction: The Flying Leap of Faith Wk #12MKE

This week I have been reading and reflecting about everything we have learned . The reading in Haanel this week spoke about the  Power of Thought with the Law of Attraction(love) you can be invincible.  If you are able to use the law correctly and use focused visualization on a specific goal and connect with the Omnipotent Universal Mind, all of your dreams will come true!  I have Faith , Love , and Belief, a Mark says its 100 % infallible, and I don’t doubt the Master. Is it an inexperienced operator or is it just ME? We also need to develop the brain cells in order to utilize the knowledge and power.  So why would I doubt the master Mark ? Despite the exercises and the reading of my DMP and doing all of the exercises , I’m still struggling with the implementation and action phase regarding my real estate business . I stated out after overcoming my initial fears and had some success  last year. I was meeting people , evaluating homes and making offers . Then I had some failure and wasn’t quite able to get over the hump to sign my first deal( even after having several homes under contract ).

I REALIZE that any success requires action and purpose . I have purpose but I seem to be stuck . I know that by my focused efforts  there WILL be opportunities that I must seize.  I have always had problems moving forward with things ( does this sound familiar ?) . Its not that I believe I will fail because I KNOW I will WIN and Persist.  (scroll 3) . Several resources that I have used have spoken about taking action in small pieces . I think I need a new approach .   I was reading a book “Getting things done “by David Allen.  The book talks about several strategies that are practical and help to make sense of our present digital world and the complexities of today’s society . Sometimes ,even despite our best efforts , life circumstances prevail and we loose focus of the things that we have to do. He discussed taking TWO minutes to think ( power of thought) to write down the problem that you are worrying about the most, and provide a final outcome. Then write down what the first thing you need to do in order to get started. This does not solve the problem and doesn’t make it go away , but it might help to ease the anxiety and wasted energy worrying about what to do . The mind needs a specific plan to work at maximal efficiency.  The other thing is that we need to know is :WHEN to Intervene ? . Usually we wait until we have a deadline and then create a significant amount of stress trying to get things done.  The Law of polarity described in the Kabbalah and referred to by Emerson  in the article on “Compensation”: things in nature have two extremes and operate as a pendulum going back and forth in cycles. We have to realize when the pendulum is swinging in a negative direction and make adjustments  BEFORE things become chaotic.

Brendon Buchard takes an approach of looking at your 3 biggest problems and describing small action steps to complete the process on a daily basis.  I know this stuff . Part of the issues for me involve finance and part of the problem is finding the courage to start up with agression. . With  the combination of OATS and some knowledge of the problem at hand I can direct my focus to something and have more productivity .

Is there more than one kind of visualization technique? Do I do something different if I want success in business or a new house or a dream vacation? I will stick to what Haanel teaches in the Master Key: Connect and focus with the Universal Mind and realize the power of thought and love. So I will continue to sit and have laser focus for my goals and utilize the 7 laws of the mind, the blue print builder and take precise action steps to achieve my goals using creative visualization as well as using  the 5 senses to make my dreams more real ! I have to continue to have the Faith. Belief, and the Confidence will follow !

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