Reflections and Thoughts on the Master Key Experience- Living my Purpose : Week 24

I am reflecting on my life changing experience with the Master Key Experience class that started in September 2019 . I had no idea that this class was so encompassing and life changing. Mark J was a genius to conceive the idea to develop an educational experience that was mind-blowing, and so incredibly exciting by creating a vision that helped students on a journey of self discovery to be self directed thinkers and find their bliss . The amazing thing is that it was paid for by former members of the MKE via a PIF scholarship which you had to maintain by keeping up with the assignments. The work was extremely challenging for the first 6 weeks , but you “don’t get something for nothing”. Mark guaranteed (just like Babe Ruth before he hit his historic home runs), that if we did the work ,we would succeed! We followed in faith , developed belief and BAM ! He didn’t disappoint with the results . The course helped me change my thoughts by creating a new blueprint and train the subconscious mind through autosuggestion. This was achieved with the development of good habits by goal-setting (DMP), practice , enthusiasm , and the use of chore cards (service cards) . Reading the Blue Print Builder by Napolean Hill helped me to develop self-confidence and Faith in myself . I recited the laws of giving and receiving several times a day and repeated the phrases, “DO IT NOW ” , I WILL BE WHAT I WILL TO BE” ,”ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE” and WHAT WOULD THE PERSON I INTEND TO BECOME DO NEXT”! Who knew that development of a idea could be so powerful? Who knew what the power of silent meditation all meant ? Who knew how much I could accomplish through the power of silence? . I learned about the laws of the Universe, and the laws of the Mind . “We are all connected and share vibrations through the Universal Mind ; we all have the same potential to succeed. “Neurons that are fired together , wire together.” I learned about the power of the seven laws of the mind and the mental diet. I was the non objective observer , gave no opinions and kept an open mind without having negative thoughts . I never knew how many negative thoughts I truly had , and the benefits of implementation . “Relaxation of thought is the only access to infinite intelligence .

I was exposed to so much literature . The book The Greatest Salesman ,by Mandino Og , had a major impact on my life. There were so many great passages: “I am natures greatest Miracle”,” I greet this day with love in my heart” , “I will live this day as if its my last” and ” I am the master of my emotions” are just a few. The book helped me realize that I was selling myself to myself , building confidence and self worth . His story was so motivating as he became an incredible success after he discovered his true purpose . I will continue to read this forever. I read Emerson’s essays of Compensation, and Self Reliance. These referred to the phrase”Give more get more” (giving service to others ) and made me realize the importance of being self-reliant by not conforming to society. I studied about Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey. I need to be a hero and have the courage and faith to step into the unknown and accept the call to action . I can do service by helping others to start their hero’s journey and help them live their bliss. Deepok Chopra’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success discussed living in harmony with Natural Law and the Law of Least Effort . Wallace Waddles book The Science of Getting Rich discussed thought, masterminds, and wealth.

Haanel and the Master Key readings taught me so many things about the Universal Mind, thought, and the power of Spirit. The source of all wisdom, power , and intelligence is the Universal Mind. The creative power of thought originates in the Universal Mind which is omnipresent , omnipotent and omniscient. Thought manifests itself through the Law of Attraction which is the Law of Growth . Love imparts vitality to thought . Thought is the energy which the Law of Growth operates creating abundance. We need only to think of positive thoughts to develop a positive mind consciousness , because we are what we think about . Negative thoughts bring about negative results. Thought is mind in motion. We change our thoughts to change our conditions since thought is a cause . If we control our thoughts we control our destiny ( law of Karma ). Knowledge doesn’t apply itself and requires action. We are all Spiritual and an idea is conceived in the spiritual world comes to physical reality through silence , creative visualization and imagination.

I experienced and practiced the formula for happiness ( journal , gratitude and kindness ) and that multitasking doesn’t work . I flashed cards to build a progression for the law of growth. We studied virtues using the Franklin Makeover and used R2A2 , to recognize in others what we wanted to improve in ourselves . The formula for the habit of persistence is : ( DMP + PMA + Mastermind +closed mind to negative thoughts ). We studied the Wooden pyramid of success . “Success is a piece of mind which is direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming “. Using shapes and colors with our written Smart goals , along with listening to a recording of our DMP to music was a brilliant way to get us to think about our DMP all day. I wore a compass around my neck as a reminder to follow my heart and not look at my watch . In addition, I wrote a press release looking back on my success, read the “Guy in the Glass every night” and had a weekly meeting with my future-self in my visualizations. The webinars about expanding the comfort zone was helpful to recognize and teach me how to use them as tools and not to limit myself when I was stressed. The last lectures were about life and its purpose . “The meaning of life is to find your gift . The purpose of life is to give it away “.

What does the future hold?

I have so much gratitude and learned so much that I am planning to continue to mastermind with members in my group . I also will be a part of the March to 3000 members live event . My plans are to attend a retreat in Kauai next year, mastermind with Mark J about the Wallace Waddles trilogy , and study GO90GRow to learn the skills to be a success in network marketing. I want to be an affiliate for the master key and share it with everybody because the principles learned are of so much value to me . I look at all of this and realize that this is not the end of the course but a new beginning of challenges and rewards for me . I finally have found a purpose to pursue following the teachings, and gaining the knowledge of the Master Keys to drive me to be a hopeless success in leading others to discover their bliss. The last webinar had a powerful statement that leaves a lasting impression: “By doing what we are designed to do , being true to ourselves … something large and magnificent happens . Because of our gifts, freely given, the world lives”. Our gifts and purpose are inside of us ,and we need to let go and trust ourselves to follow the path to greatness.

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