Philip Mach interviewed by Brendon Bouchard 

at the CondadoVanderbilt hotel in San Juan , Puerto Rico .

 John Paul Jones- local reporter for the San Juan Star 

 Posted: November 2, 2025 at 2 PM


       Many people were congregating around the hotel this morning after learning that Brendan Bouchard was going to be visiting the San Juan area to interview Philip Mach for the annual Influencer Summit meeting . There were many powerful and successful entrepreneurs in the hotel lobby today and they all represented the top leaders in the self improvement industry; the  average following on their social media channels including Facebook , Instagram, and Linked In was over a 5 million.   I was honored to speak with Philip yesterday about 1 pm in the afternoon on the beach when he was relaxing  with his family on a chase lounge under the palm trees admiring the sunshine and incredible  blue-green color of  the Atlantic ocean .  He  agreed that I could attend the private interview . The only other members included were his wife Lorraine , and his 4 children Andrew, Simon , Alex , and Russell.  

  “This island is so beautiful with peace and serenity ” exclaimed Philip . “The resort beach front is so refreshing and I feel heavenly when I breathe in the ocean air and notice the breeze of the ocean on my face ”  shared Philip .


    The interview took place last night about 4 pm at a local restaurant at the hotel called the Ola Ocean Bistro with the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean . 

The manager of the hotel was able to close the restaurant to the public at that hour . It was a perfect  sunny day with the temperature in the mid 70’s w

ith a light breeze and a few scattered thin clouds floating overhead in the deep blue sky ! 

    Philip was wearing a tailored pair of khaki slacks with a bright classic blue and yellow pinstripe shirt and a classic beige pair of loafers . Brendon wore a dark blue polo shirt with  long gray slacks and a pair of stylish brown loafers .  

     Phillip said  “ I am so grateful and humbled that we are together and that you are interviewing me Brendon. “  I have been following your for many years since 2016 and love all of your content . Brendon smiled with excitement and said the pleasure was all his . Brendon added, “I’m so excited to learn about how you have achieved your incredible success and  overcame so many obstacles in your hero’s journey. ”  We were enjoying our meal of fresh grilled salmon with mangos and coconut.  The glaze was amazing and the smell fresh fish filled the air . I had never tasted coconut that was so crisp and tasty .The coffee bean aroma was mesmerizing and perfect !

    Philip began his story by telling about his career as a physician in Internal and  Pulmonary medicine. He had to travel to Mexico to get his degree and learned his curriculum in Spanish, which he had so much gratitude for because he is still fluent in the language today .  He then continued to describe that he practiced for 20 years various offices and performed many lifesaving measures and he expressed sincere gratitude  for the opportunity to serve the public .  He was truly experiencing Emerson’s law of giving  . The ability to help so many people and the rewards and recognition were incredible . He did public speaking at many hospitals and was nominated to speak at a international conference on Smoking Cessation in Dallas, Texas. There were many free travel bonuses , free medical advice, recognition for his outstanding clinical work in Pulmonary Medicine,  and he had a beautiful home that overlooked the mountains.  However , things fell apart when he stopped giving to his patients and his ego became larger than his heart . He subsequently manifested symptoms of irrational impulsive behavior leading to poor judgment and he lost his medical  license to practice . Shortly thereafter he lost the trust of his wife , children , and the community . He was devastated because he felt it was his destiny and life long ambition  to be a healer and the long hours and efforts were wasted.  Medicine was his life and he couldn’t imagine doing anything else.   He had no where to turn for work;  he was fortunate to be able to work with his father and brother in the family lumber business. In addition he had knowledge in the industry ,because he worked  part time to help out while he was studying for his medical degree. He reluctantly began  to work with his dad and brother in a very successful family business that his father and grandfather started in the 1940’s.  

     Phillip beamed when he talked about his dad. He proudly exclaimed ” my dad is  an extraordinary man who is active, and mentally sharp  at the age of 97 .” He demonstrates  tremendous stamina, a great determination and grit,  and a strong will and  incredible passion for work and for life.”  Philip’s father works 7 days a week and his focus at work as a consultant  is beyond words. 

          Philip continued and explained that he worked for about 6 years  and decided to attempt to regain his medical license because he didn’t feel that he was living a fulfilled  life .  He overcame impossible odds by studying for three years, taking many courses, ultimately  passed an exam that is given to third year medical students after they complete their training!” What an amazing feeling”,  screamed Philip.   After waiting almost 9 months for an interview with the Board of Medical Examiners , the job he had lined up to start his career with was cancelled.  He had to get another job offer or he would have to wait another year for an interview . His attorney was quite negative about his chances .  Philip was able to make some phone calls and get a job offer 1 day before the interview which was truly miraculous and indicative of a strong will to never quit and have a positive mental attitude !  The interview in front of the board was flawless and he was granted permission to practice medicine again, ” under supervision.” Initially he excelled and grasped everything very easily .  However, he noted that the field changed drastically , and that there was a lot of resentment toward him because of his previous actions. Philip said,” I didn’t have the mental strength and confidence that I have now , at that time, to overcome all of the negativity !  Subsequently because there was no support system, and despite all of his hard work ,  he suffered  another relapse of impulsive irrational behavior leading to  punishment by the Board of Medical Examiners to ban him forever from practicing Medicine .    Philip was devastated once again. “How can I ever recover from this disaster!  Instead of self- pity he turned his energy to other things . Philip stated, ” I  wasn’t sure if the whole reason that I was studying to be a professional  was because my family said I would never succeed in    business , and that I was just following my mom’s wishes. ” He had to make a decision and went through many self improvement programs including the program with Brendon on self-growth.  “The  book , High performance habits along with your enthusiasm spoke to me” said Philip .  He was also introduced to Dean Graziosis  , an amazingly successful entrepreneur with a persistent drive and energy. Dean is a NY times best selling author for multiple books , a successful real estate wholesaler , and an influencer in the field of self development ! “The combination of the enthusiasm of  Dean and Brendon gave me hope and was a turning point for me;  I realized that there was so much more to life and I had so much more to give . The idea of lifelong learning was consistent with my thinking.”  After a brief two year period learning real estate from Dean and others including Sean Terry , and completing a year of  self development coaching with one of  Brendon’s coaches  , Philip realized  that he was an educator , and had many valuable lessons to teach.  Philip shared ” the coaching under the guidance of Brendan, gave me a new perspective on life ;  I could be a better person and finally made me realize that I needed to work on myself  . I lacked  confidence , and humility despite all of my work as a physician. 

Revelation : 

Brendon Asked ,” I understand that even after you finished my high performance coaching that you were still struggling and you were not a master of your destiny .  I understand that you found something called the  MasterKey Experience and MasterKey Alliance  that was truly life-changing! Please tell me more ! Is it true that it only costs a dollar? How can that be”?Brendon looked puzzled , “ how could this experience possibly cost so little but you receive so much for this life-changing experience? How were you introduced to this program and why does it work so well ? 

    Philip proudly stated with confidence and a gleam in his eyes  that he loved  Brendan’s book  High Performance . The book was a stepping stone that made me realize how much I had to learn about myself and my relationship with others . Philip continued that while he was searching the  internet he discovered an online course “Go 90 Grow” that was taught by Mark Januszewski . I was presently in network marketing and was not very successful. Mark’s teaching involved learning the skills necessary to have a successful network marketing career.  Mark is an amazingly successful entrepreneur , a best selling author , and creator of the Master Key Experience class. Philip actively sought the teachings and was enrolled in the class . However after 8 weeks , he was asked to leave because he wasn’t able to keep up with the work involved.  Philip said “WOW ! I wasn’t mentally ready to put in the work ; I waited an entire year when the course came back and I was accepted again. This time I would not fail !” ” After completing the rigorous 26 week class ,  I realized who I was and what my purpose was! “

   Philip explained ,”the course is about discovering the world within and specific measures  to re-train the subconscious mind .  I had to understand my old  blueprint that was developed in my first 12 years of life . The old blueprint is based on our environment and is influenced by others . When we get older , something traumatic occurs in our life and we realize that we have been living someone else’s life . The course is a life changing experience when you realize  that you need to reprogram yourself and develop a new blueprint by developing new habits to train your subconscious mind.    Studying the readings of Charles Haanel , Og Mandino , Emerson , and Napoleon Hill allowed me to develop an earnest desire , focus on my goals  and  carry out a plan of action . I started to realize the power of thought , and mastered mindful meditation .  I saw the light and experienced spiritual growth discovering  my true purpose of giving . It allowed me to be more  loving , grateful , kind and  to live in the now . I was able to detach from the previous failures , and have the confidence to persist ” . Philip then went to have a tremendously successful career , developing his brand with  podcast “The Persistent Powerful Mindset for Success ” , online education courses about health , cooking , and how  to gain knowledge quickly  in today’s  society. He has several NY times best selling books about personal growth and about his hero’s journey Time Warp Freedom published 12/24. Philip claimed ” once I established my brand , my  social media following went from 10 k to 100 k, and then from 100k to over a million in about 1 year ! I am proud to be leaving a legacy to my family and children from my writing, videos , and online presence . I’m grateful and humble that they have choices for their future and financial options. ” 


   Brendon was impressed about the PIF scholarship program and wanted to learn more . He was willing to pay over $2000 dollars for this content. Philip explained , “The PIF scholarship is brilliant because previous members pay it forward for you, allowing many others to share in the magnificence of the educational experience .” Philip shared “one of the most significant and impact parts of the class was when I was  reciting “ DO it NOW , and “I can be what I will to be !  The earnest desire  was developed by meditation and thinking about my  goals ; I developed the correct habits to take action was able to live my bliss, follow my heart and experience true happiness”! “Emerson’s essay about Compensation ‘give more to get more’ allowed me to open the channel of abundance and flow for success .” Brendon agreed that the way to succeed is with the help of a mastermind group .” “Surround yourself with like-minded people.  



Sunset in San Juan at the Condado