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Persistent Actions and the Power of Thought = Success MKE WK#13

This week the Master key discussed the laws of nature, scientific theory, and the law of cause and effect. The latter is a universal law that is immutable and maintains the inner harmony and the logical order of the universe . “KARMA” signifies an act or deed. Any physical or mental action is explained by KARMA. Every action produces an impression which is reflected in your subconscious mind. Every thought affects the whole world directly or indirectly via the Universal Mind. You can change your thoughts and habits and mold a new character . Destiny is created by your thoughts, the development of good habits , and the ability to transform your character. As discussed in a previous blog about the Laws of the Universe , I refer to a passage about how to master the Law of Cause and Effect in my week 8 mke blog:

Master the Law of Cause and Effect

To become a master of your destiny, you must master your mind. Everything in your reality is a mental creation. This law applies in the spiritual, mental and the physical worlds. When you focus on your chosen goals with intention using creative visualization, you create in the physical world a manifestation in the spiritual world . With Persistence, Practice , and Concentrated Efforts , (Law of Practice ) your thoughts will materialize in the physical world .

Exercise your Brain

I have read other blogs this week that spoke about exercising the muscles of the brain for success. I borrowed this picture off the internet . The power of thought is a creative power which you can train and strengthen to change your life and others .

According to Earl Nightingale who wrote the “The Strangest Secret” , success is a progressive realization of a worthy goal . His writing correlated with the 7 laws of the mind. People with goals succeed because they know where they are going(DMP, BBB). People fail due to conformity , not because of lack of courage (Faith ) .We become what we think about (DMP). A purpose determined by the will is strong and resilient (BBB). It becomes real by growing into a connection ( Neurons that are wired together, fire together ) so it becomes real . The mind returns what seeds you plant( Law of growth). With happiness and harmony (Haanel) we can easily pursue our goals. Eliminate negative thoughts (law of substitution, Mental Diet). Success is measured by the amount of service we give (law of growth , law of giving , Emerson – the more you give and the more you receive) . Have no fears about money ( law of Dual Thought , Confidence , BBB) . Persistence and repeat it ( law of practice, Og scroll111) Eventually it gets to your subconscious mind due to the demand ( law of subconscious ) . The way that you pay attention to your thoughts and take action will determine your success !

I was able to view the movie ” October sky ” which was a great success story that reinforced everything we have learned and validated our DMP and BBB. The story is about a boy and his friends that formed a Rocket man team . They had a vision and a dream (DMP) . They were always thinking (POA, Masterminding) about ways to find parts , how to create the rockets and where to fire them. They were also constantly thinking about how to improve them (Plan of Action). They had persistent thoughts that put into practice what they were thinking about. Despite the opposition of their parents and the community initially , they found ways to achieve their goals with the help of others in order to succeed (BBB, DMP) . They were able to apply knowledge of Physics ( Haanel, “knowledge doesn’t apply itself”) . They had the determination and persistence to succeed( Og scroll 111). Their goal was to win the local science fair which then allowed them to enter the National Science Fair in Washington DC against all odds. Inevitably they won the prize and one of the boys became employed by NASA.

The power of thought is silent but powerful . Being positive , and perisitent with your actions help to achieve your goals. My plan of action this week is to clarify what I need to do , organize the results , and reflect daily on the most important things to advance my business . I am anxious to use NARC this week to reinforce my ability to find pleasure in the things that I am having trouble completing . According to Emerson, ” Our greatest glory is not in never failing , but in Rising up every time we fail “. I will persist and win!

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      Thank you for your words of encouragement !

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    I Love this Post by Phillip – great weaving and linking together off all we are learning o the MKMMA

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    Lovely and moving blog post, my friend! You are such a good writer!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts for the week and your knowledge and wisdom. Love how you connected what we learn to the movie ‘October Sky’, which I also saw this week and loved it!!! The fact that it’s a true story made the movie even better. Keep up the good work and NARC those POA’s! 🙂 I’m sending lots of love your way ♥

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      knowing a great writer like you makes me feel like I have some talents to write. Thank you for the kind words

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    I always appreciate how you tie in so many sources to the topic you’re discussing. Your review of ‘October Sky’ was no exception! You shared a great plan of action–best wishes for a successful week of persisting! 🙂

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