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Now Is the Time: Think and Be Great Week 22 A – MKE

With all of the chaos precipitated by the fear based mentality of the masses due to the Corona virus pandemic , it’s time to sit back and think about what to do ? Do we conform with everyone in society or do we choose what we wish to do and act according to our desires?

My readings this week included Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill ,The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Waddles, As a man Thinketh by James Allen and the essay Self Reliance by Ralph Emerson . All the authors believe in the power of thought , living a life of service and purpose to improve the life of others , having a strong desire to succeed, and to following your heart with persistence without conforming to the norms of society . “You are what you think about ” is a famous quote by Napoleon Hill . This speaks to the power of thought . Ralph Emerson frowns upon someone that doesn’t think and is not creative . A self reliant thinker will be independent and not afraid of failure ( a positive conscious mindset). Waddles book on thought describes “stuff” that exists in the universe ; when a man thinks of an idea it becomes a thought when its combined with the “universal stuff .” Thought is power and by applying knowledge and taking action , we get power . ( this was discussed in a previous blog)

I am nature’s greatest miracle and only 2 steps away from genius and greatness. I already possess and have established the habits for success! Presently I am well armed with : 1) the habits to prepare myself for greatness 2)the ability to recognize greatness in myself and in others 3) the knowledge and ability to expand my comfort zone and recognize what to do to overcome my shortcomings 4) the ability and feeling of true happiness through gratitude 5) the habit of making promises to get things done. 6) the mastermind group to explore issues and obtain the specialized knowledge necessary to succeed. Therefore, I now move forward and crush my goals.

So what is stopping me ? The energy that surrounds my ability to be courageous and take the hero’s journey should not be an issue . I am connected to everyone and everything in the spiritual world and I’m one step below the omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience of the universe. As a self directed thinker , there is no concern about what society or others think of my actions and plans . What do I really want? Therefore I plan to pursue a prolonged sit for several days to seek my truth and purpose because I am the only one that knows truly what is in my heart . I need to give myself that opportunity to search and think. Since I have recently decided to join a network marketing company there are many things that need clarification for me . It is time for change ! Time to think and be Great to live my purpose and ” follow my bliss”!

Please enjoy some of the readings of my fellow mastermind alliance partners :

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  1. Joan Campbell

    Philip, Thank you for sharing your blog. I loved “I now move forward and crush my goals”. There is no doubt in this statement and I know all you desire is in your life. You are powerful beyond measure.

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you Joan . We should all go out and crush our goals

  2. Laura Hitt

    I can tell you are doing this. Doing all those things you are reading about. Going within. Trusting yourself. Thinking for yourself. Connecting with Universal Mind. Masterminding. Here are a few lines I love: “…there is no concern about what society or others think of my actions and plans .” And, “Time to think and be Great to live my purpose and ” follow my bliss”! How freeing (although sometimes challenging) to be completely ourselves. To be great. (As we all are.) And how much the world will ultimately benefit from you being completely and utterly yourself.

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you for your comments and kind words . You are and All of us are great !

  3. charleneaspire

    It s wonderful to be a self-directed thinker especially at this time.

    1. philipmach1

      Yes , for sure . We need to really hold our own and not buy into the fears of the universe

  4. gotwine4you

    Wonderful blog and a great reminder in these times of fear and panic. It’s so much easier to follow the masses but you remind me that I am much bigger and greater then that! I continue to follow my heart and to be thankful for life itself❤️

    1. philipmach1

      Absolutely ! Thank you for your comments . You are great and we all need to follow our heart

  5. David Vance

    Great advice, Phillip – sit and THINK! Stay in the habits and continue to move forward. Right there with you, Buddy!

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you ! I need to schedule my long sit soon !

  6. hereinspired

    Excited for you as you prepare for an extended sit in order to seek your truth and purpose! 🙂

  7. Breege

    Great Post Philip and boy do we need the reminder now to think and not get swallowed up in Fear. Best of success in your new venture.

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts . They are greatly appreciated

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