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My new life after the MKE

My daily habits that feed my soul are now part of my life. I start the day listening to recordings of my voice when I am getting out of bed when I am in a theta state , programming my subconscious mind for what I want to accomplish for the day . My thoughts are focused on my intent and I do things that advance my success with enthusiasm . I have my purpose to serve for the greater good of all with kindness, love and intention willingly with faith and courage. My mornings are highlighted with a perfect cup of coffee, at my perfect table, reading and and thinking about my intention and purpose. I am aware of all the details in my surroundings , living in the now and observing nature, the weather, and breathe deeply to feel the pleasure of the moment. I then focus on my goals in silence for several minutes so that I have a positive mental attitude to face the pressures of work. I connect to my higher power, read affirmations, and study writings by Charles Haanel , Wallace Waddles , or Napolean Hill. My goal is to earn over 15k per month in the next 18 months and I am thinking of a plan to fulfill my purpose. I am thinking of the person I intend to become and what I need to do next in order to succeed. I have an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility that gives me great pleasure. This pattern of silent meditation is repeated in the evening before bedtime as I reflect on my actions, give gratitude for my accomplishments , and realize what I did positively, and how I could improve the following day.

I am excited about my new blog and am starting to write a book about my life, my father and my work that have affected me in many ways . I have better communication skills because I am using color code to interact effectively with my network and my relationship with my loved ones have more meaning . I am learning about social media, marketing and funnels. I am the caretaker of my father who is 98 yrs old, giving gratitude for every day he is alive. He still works everyday in the business that he created over 60 yrs ago with his dad. However, as I work with him daily in the lumber industry, I am thinking about my vision to have extreme freedom because I know that my life will be radically different in the next 5 years. Whether I pursue a career in marketing , education as a professional speaker or expert in online learning , I have the confidence and faith to think about my goals and dreams . I live each day to its fullest , spread love and kindness happily without expectation of reciprocity.

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