My MKMMA wk#4

Shapes , firing neurons , energy and flow…Nonetheless , a truly eye opening week .

Stimulate your mind to reprogram neurons and change your thoughts !

What a concept! “I can be what I will to be” is such a powerful statement to change our thought patterns and habits . The idea that we can rewire the circuits in our brain is an amazing concept to grasp .

This to me was a mind blowing concept ;our higher power is within each one of us .

The universal mind and the spiritual mind are connected . We connect to God and the power of spiritual energy lives inside each one of us .

Our thoughts are powerful and are capable of destroying fear and melancholia and all limitations replacing them with confidence , innovation , and enabling the ability to utilize hidden talents and harness positive energy .

This brings tears to my eyes and feelings of incredible power . Is this irony or destiny or both ? I continue the journey and my wild and crazy adventure with all of you .

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