What an amazing week . Things appear to fitting together like a puzzle . It seems as if things are happening by coincide . This morning I am looking for messages on my phone and the notes section that has my DMP written pops up . I didn’t prompt that and have no idea how that happened . Is it voodoo or magic ?. I feel so proud of the accomplishments this week . The shapes are starting to be everywhere that I never noticed before even though it was right in front of my eyes . For example the traffic lights are big yellow triangles that house the lights ! I was having trouble finding green triangles … but I had a duh moment ! The rectangles make two triangles if you draw a line diagonally and the green triangles are everywhere !! I’m in awe . As I. sit in my car crying with tears of joy and amazement . The brain is a powerful thing and once you control the power , the subby takes over . This is scary that my brain has been underutilized and things are happening .The experience in writing the Press release was fun and quite challenging . I did extensive research on Fiji . According to my DMP I was going on a cruise to Fiji with my family . However , I saw that Royal Carribean went to Fiji from Sydney and not Seattle . I also enjoyed finding pictures in Fiji to make the press release more real ! Emersons law of compensation was difficult to understand at first but after I listened to an audio book version to the words were less intimidating . The imagery that Emerson used was comical at times when he talked about men flying and his comments about crime and punishment . The important thing to realize is that one need to give more to receive more .

I enjoyed the Marco Polo and the mastermind alliance discussions learning about other peoples struggles. Then the no opinion was thrown on top of all of this and wow , what a head rush . I have been trying to zip my mouth , not give opinions , smile more and show love to all humanity not getting angry or upset with others to strengthen the mind within . This has been very difficult for me . I’m not an egotistical monster and I don’t try to force my opinions on people but I am noticing that I need to listen and not give my opinion unless I’m asked . To summarize , one incredible week and I’m anxiously awaiting this weeks episode . I seem to be more excited about my career and organizing things in my life ! I always keep my promises !

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