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Make a change ; Take Initiative Week 17 MKE

My personal makeover : take 3 ! This week was all about taking initiative . What does that really mean ? In order to take initiative we need to utilize organization, courage, and discipline . How do I do that ? Let’s start with a definition of the word Initiative :

1) The ability to do things independently or assess things (similar words -imagination , motivation, leadership, ambition )

2) The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do (similar words-advantage , edge, opening move )

3) A personal quality that shows a willingness to get things done and take responsibility. The hope is that whatever we start that it will continue.

The key to making change happen in all aspects of life is to take charge in what we want to accomplish by taking action towards meeting our goals and dreams. This can be in your personal life, work life or in the community . Personal goals may include spending more time with family, changing our lifestyle to improve our health, or challenging ourselves to dive into things we enjoy or have passion about: reading , writing , or exploring new ideas . If you can write down a plan of action by creating a checklist , listing the action steps necessary to achieve your goals and give realistic deadlines to make them happen then you will be successful ! This is not so easy ; how do you take initiative to write them down in the first place ? First we need to have goals and dreams that we want to fulfill. According to Earle Nightingale only 5% of people have written goals . Taking the first step and following your plan can help you achieve your initial goals, and give you the confidence to take on more difficult and long term objectives for your life (example : purchasing a home or becoming debt free ).

Taking initiative at work can make all the difference as we work toward advancing our careers . Think of ways to go the extra mile and showcase your potential . Be confident about sharing your ideas with your co-workers , use constructive feedback as learning opportunities to improve what you do , and obtain new skills to advance what you can offer . If you follow this plan , you can ensure that you are doing everything possible to have a successful future , and provide for yourself and your family.

Taking initiative in the community helps make the world a better place through service work , and random acts of kindness . One is never aware of the impact that your initiative and actions create. “The more you give , the more you receive” .Some examples might be to organize a food drive , donate clothing to the homeless, or advocate for the arts in youth programs . This may inspire others by your leadership .

“Lots of people never use their initiative because no one told them to ” by Banksy.

The habit of taking initiative strengthens your personal brand. Establish yourself as a role model to lead others . How do we show initiative at work ? If you wait to be told what to do. then you waited too long. Like any habit , the more you work on it , the easier it becomes . The habit of taking initiative requires you to recognize that something needs to be done , and either do it , or figure out how to do it! When you see others struggle , reach out and offer help . Be proactive and decisive. When you see a bad decision being made that could potentially result in poor consequences, have the courage to speak up . Persevere and be wiling to start small . Build your” initiative muscle” one step at a time . Have the courage to take on risks and be responsible for your actions . Be mindful of others and provide service to members in your group . Over time you will improve with persistent practice . Observe other colleagues who are masters and work with them ; learn their thinking process and study how they execute ideas and accomplish goals . Does this sound like a mastermind and a hero’s journey ? Hell yes !

Initiation is a phase in the hero’s journey which leads to transformation which requires courage and leadership qualities ! Here we also have a purpose , plan of action , persistence and a mastermind . All of these things are associated with goal seeking behaviors and confidence to take action!

How have I manifested initiative in my self journey ?

This week I have been officiating many basketball games at all age levels . I have noted that taking initiative in making the correct calls and having confidence on the court allows me to be a role model for my partners , players and coaches ! At work , my enthusiasm, work ethic , and kindness have been instrumental in having others show initiation to be helpful and kind . I have found that the specific virtue that I focus on manifests itself often; But I have also noticed that the previous virtues studied are more apparent to me with increased frequency. I am the true hero of my journey and chose to take the call to action to take initiative in all aspects of my life and not look back .

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