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Help , I’m Stuck in the Comfort Zone: What Do I Do Now? Master Key Experience Week 21

          What is the Comfort Zone ? It has to do with all of the things we grew up with : guilt, shame, fear, feelings of unworthiness and hurt feelings. When I think of the comfort zone ,  I thought of the  classic song by Stealers Wheel “Stuck in the Middle with you “. Listen below :

           The song written in the 1970’s referred to the group’s struggles with the record industry executives. The scene takes place at a signing party in London to celebrate , and the band members  were drinking in order to  tolerate the “weasels” present which they detested ! There are several phrases that had meaning for me . “Clowns to the left of me , jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you “. I think about being stuck in the comfort zone and not willing to  take responsibility for my decisions or face my critics on both sides . The phrase “fall off my chair “ means to me that I can’t make a mistake and  risk failure  because I might get fired from my job and quit trying to improve myself.        We all have the power to change our lives at any time . So why do we conform and not stand up for ourselves . When you are presented with things growing up  like drugs , alcohol , smoking cigarettes or the opportunity to break rules , we sometimes go along willingly without thinking about the consequences.  We go to school or work because that’s what we are supposed to do . Should we just sit on the couch ,or exercise, eat healthy, and do something ambitious. Many complain that they have a terrible life with little money or  pleasure but  are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.  This is our comfort zone! Creating change takes bravery, and  courage . It’s easy to go with the norm, stay in the comfort zone  and not take risks . We can’t blame the outside world for all of our problems . We need to solve the problems by looking within .  Whats holding us back ? When we fail ,its a validation to quit and not to try. The comfort zone is quite dangerous and can prevent you from improving .

How to escape the Comfort Zone?


   Joseph Campbell , author of the book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces ,”describes the hero’s journey with a call to action involving taking action and facing the unknown which is quite scary . You get butterflies in your stomach , your heart races , you start screaming in fear and you want to run away. This is followed by facing your peers who will embarrass you , causing shame and guilt if you are vulnerable and are not prepared .  Your comfort zone gets a little bigger every time you take one or two steps away. Over time you feel better about yourself and have more confidence to take risks. Things that might assist you include : 1)Journaling  to describe your feelings. Write about what you are feeling now and what you want to be feeling . How can you take small action steps easily and have success? 2)Take a step back to create a positive moment in the past ( dancing , singing , playing an instrument )and tap into your creative side again. 3) Change your routine and the  standard order of doing your routine things in life .This could be moving furniture , or drive a different route  to work 4) Join a group activity in a community center where people meet to talk about books or sports . This can help to build confidence. 5)Change your looks, cut your hair , or your style of clothing. 6) Make a list of things to help speak your truth to others , and practice compassion . 7) Get a friend to hold you accountable for a new adventure . Did I hear Mastermind ?  8) Acknowledge people around you. Tell people why they are awesome and do  random acts of Kindness , have Gratitude and Humility  9) Dare to imagine what you want in your life and career ; think, and visualize as if its  already happened with you  already having achieved success! ( Desire and DMP) 10) Remember that you are amazing and nature’s greatest miracle !

       The Master Keys Experience discussed Expanding  the comfort zone  by changing the way we look at things . All of the elements can be used as a tool to help expansion and live our bliss ! 

Fear : When we are experiencing this , we have intense concentration ,energy, and focus.   If we direct this toward our goals and purpose ,and use the Law of Substitution, imagine how much more could be accomplished? For me , I have fear of talking about my network marketing business to others,  and picking up the phone to make calls . I also fear committing to  a financial burden to resume my real estate business because I have not been successful to date . I recognize that I have fear and use the energy and concentration for solutions: GO90Grow , Mastermind groups , Narc . This gives me confidence to enter the Hero’s Journey and answer the call to action!  

     Anger: With anger , there is massive energy. So if we direct it elsewhere , Wow ! Observing this in my Father who is 97 years old when he didn’t get his way, I was  able to direct him to substitute the anger toward production and make him realize that he could be more effective in his activities ! Here I used the Laws of Dual Thought and the Law of Substitution , to redirect the energy . I can think back to when I was going through my divorce and was extremely angry at my children and my spouse because of limited access . I wish I was aware of the tools I know now because I might have been able to create a different outcome . I have had a great deal  of sadness , which revealed itself through meditation !

     Guilt : Embrace guilt and have compassion . I feel guilty when I think about things that I should have done with my life and have regrets . I can’t change the past . “What am I afraid of “. It’s not about being good or bad . I’m a good person and have humility and gratitude !  Change your beliefs instead of berating yourself . I recall when I had guilt over doing things for myself when I first started playing in a band with colleagues about 20 years ago . My family made  me feel guilty because  of the time spent was taking away time from them. While I was able to understand their feelings, I continued  to pursue playing because it was one of my goals and dreams . I knew that I was a good person and my spiritual self approved with positive vibrations. 

     Feelings of Unworthiness:   Using this as a tool , I realize that I am worthy ; as soon as I recognize this , I can get back on track . I felt in the past that I was  not adequate because I couldn’t  do everything I wanted : travel, career , charity work , family obligations, writing  a book . However , I realized that they can be done  on my own time .  I am using the phrase ,“What would the person I intend to become do next “? Using the comfort Zone as a tool , I can expand my zone , and accept  the call to action on the Hero’s Journey . Using the book “The Greatest Salesman” by Mandino Og and the principles learned by Haanel , I am well armed with Love , Persistence , Gratitude , Humility and Appreciation !

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  1. Philip Brown

    Philipmach1, you have done it again, Wow that is an impressive blog, and I truly relate to many areas you are at.
    You never fail to inspire me with your honesty and where you are on your hero’s journey.
    Great job Philip – Keep it up

    1. philipmach1

      You are so kind . Thank you for your comments and thoughts ! I’m happy that I can inspire you and others in their journey

    2. philipmach1

      Thank you Philip . You are capable and are great

  2. Bibi Lindahl

    Great post, Phil! ♥ You have done an excellent job gathering all the information and sharing it elegantly. Thank you for that, as well as for sharing some personal struggles and victories. I’m proud of you for taking action to learn even more and expanding your comfy zone! Keep up the good work! ♥
    I didn’t know you used to play in a band. What instrument(s) did you play? Do you still play?

    1. philipmach1

      I have played trumpet , trombone and piano . I’m not playing now thank you for your comments

  3. hereinspired

    Great ideas shared on how to expand our comfort zone and nice overview of how to use our negative emotions to assist in doing that too! 🙂

  4. Laura Hitt

    Thank you Phil! Very thorough summary of much of the week! Love your thoughts about the song and how you related it to the course! I also love how you used your personal experiences to illustrate every point. You are courageous and genuine and your authenticity is inspiring! Keep growing on your journey! Lots of love and continued harmony and wisdom!

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you Laura for your thoughts and comments . I love that song . Thank you for your love and wisdom

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