This week the reading of the Master keys was about the Law of Growth . Creative visualization helps us to see the spiritual truth . By practice of visualizing a seed that sprouts and grows into a full flower is a metaphor for us to realize that one can harvest and nurture our own ” seeds” to improve all areas of our personal life . The Law of Growth is the Universal Law which implies that something is constantly growing and is determined by the kind and quality of “seeds “you plant . The “seed” is determined by the amount of energy projected. What you plant subconsciously becomes conscious and purposeful and determines what you harvest in each area of your life .

The following are excerpts from the book , The 15 Laws of Growth by John Maxwell. He talks about improving yourself , being intentional about your growth, and to start to be the person you wish to become now! The longer you wait , the more likely that it won’t happen ; no matter how you feel. DO IT NOW and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This started out as a review of the principles of this book . As I read further , I was able to link it the Master Key , the BPB, our DMP , OG , and our daily exercises !

Law of Intentionality : DO IT NOW ! Face your fears and have FAITH that you will conquer them . Change from accidental growth to intentional growth . Take Risks !

Law of Awareness: How to find your passion and purpose: What would you like to do ? Follow your heart . Do you know people who do what you like? Be teachable and follow their advice .(mastermind ) Will you pay the price and sacrifice (DMP)? When can you start ;why not now ? (BPB, DMP) Where do you need to grow?

Law of the Mirror: Do you like what you see in the mirror ? (the guy or gal in the glass) . Invest in yourself and realize that you are worth investing in yourself. Don’t live your life according to what other people expect of you or think about you ( the old blueprint) . Love yourself (the guy or gal in the glass) .

What are the steps to build your self image and confidence:(BPB) : 1)NO NEGATIVE SELF TALK (mind diet). . 2)Stop comparing yourself to others; you become discouraged. . 3)Move beyond your limiting beliefs and believe that you will be great 4)Add value to others and be true to yourself. 5)Celebrate small victories. 6)What you focus on expands (Law of attraction ). Know that you matter .

Law of Reflection : Create a place where you can reflect daily . Investigate all truths. Reflection turns experience into insight . Pause with intention . Let the ideas that come up simmer in your mind ( creative visualization ).

Law of Consistency : Motivation gets you going and discipline keeps you going ( daily exercises) . Have patience and Practice (5 P’s) and set daily goals and habits (daily exercises) . Do you procrastinate ?(get to know your future self) Do you require coaxing to do small chores ?(service card) .Do you start small projects and abandon them ?( service card). Habits of success lead to habits of destiny !(Universal mind ).

Law of Environment: It’s impossible to grow without change ! Change your attitude (” I great this day with love in my heart “)(mind diet ). What dreams inspire you ? (dream board ). Change yourself and your environment to accelerate your growth and success. Change who you spend your time with . Spend time with people in your reference group ( your mastermind ) Find an accountability partner ( mastermind). Create deadlines and make your goals public ( DMP). Don’t worry about your past . Move forward despite criticism (the old blueprint)

Law of Design: Spend time reviewing your calendar , and scheduled appointments (OATS) Take charge of your life (BPB) Be consistent in your approach.

Law of Pain: Make good changes after learning from bad experience and always find the good from the bad(law of substitution ). You can choose your emotional state (mind diet ).

Law of the Ladder: Use mastermind groups ! Honesty is the character that enhances personal relationships (BPB) You need to trust yourself (BPB) . Before you can DO, you must BE (“I WILL BE WHAT I WILL TO BE“) Follow the golden rule because people matter ( ‘I greet this day with love in my heart’). Value humility above everything else (BPB). Be willing to serve others and be teachable . BE GRATEFUL.

Law of the Rubberband: Focus on building a Legacy (PPN). Have the courage to take risks (BPB). Strive to be better tomorrow than you are today (mind diet ). Growth stops when you lose the tension from where you were and where you want to be.

Law of Tradeoffs: Successfully make good tradeoffs ( law of substitution) . We don’t always get what we want but we always get what we choose (DMP) If WE can’t change the situation, we CAN change ourselves. Give up immediate gratification for personal growth . Explore and develop your leadership skills . Equip other people with service (BPB).

Law of Curiosity : Believe that you can be curious ! Spend time with others (mastermind ). Embrace failure . Focus most of your time on the solution (85%) (mind diet)

Law of Modeling: Learn from books and connect with people. Find a good mentor ( master key ) Find mentors in different areas of your life to aide your journey and success ( mastermind )

Law of Expansion : The potential within us is limitless(BPB). Act on your dreams and formulate the details ( press release ) . If you can CHANGE your thinking , you can change your life (BPB , DMP) (Creative visualization). DO MORE, & GIVE MORE (law of giving ). Believe you can DO IT and have FAITH . Learn and follow healthy guidelines (true health ). Model generosity and invest in solid relationships (BPB)(mastermind )

Law of Contribution : Growing yourself enables others to grow (BPB, Law of Flow), Help others because we are all one ( universal mind ). Be grateful and give away valuable information and provide service ( TRUST- BPB). Always give more than you receive ( law of giving and receiving) . Define success as sowing (Harvest your personal seeds ) and not reaping ! Focus on SELF -development and NOT SELF- fulfillment. Focus on how something helps you serve others (law of giving and receiving) . Keep growing to keep giving . The greatest gift that you can give others is your own personal development – your life belongs to the community ( legacy, DMP, BPB). Put people first in your life .


My thoughts on the Law of growth involves using the principles learned in the master key , doing our daily exercises , repeating our DMP, reading the BPB , being a part of mastermind groups, practicing the law of giving and receiving , and studying the laws of the mind ! Harvesting your “ seeds “daily to grow a beautiful garden and develop your mind, body and spirit for success !

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