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Courage is What We Are Really Fighting For: Week 19 Master Key Experience

Courage may be defined as developing strength in the face of grief or pain ; or the abilty to do something you are frightened about . Is this “expanding your comfort zone” ? It’s about taking risks , utilizing discipline and persistence to overcome tremendous odds and negativity .

Types of courage

Physical : ( bravery to risk of bodily harm , resiliency, awareness ) Social 🙁 risk of embarassment or exclusion, rejection, and involves leadership ) Moral: ( doing the right thing in front of others , ethics and integrity ) Emotional: (a full spectrum of emotions ,both positive and negative, and strongly correlated with happiness) Spiritual: (this fortifies us when we question faith, purpose and meaning either in religious or nonreligious frame ) Intellectual 🙁willingness to engage with challenging ideas, question our thoughts, and not make mistakes )

Building courage

1)Embrace your fears : Fear is from a “fight or flight “response . This is a learned behavior and is strenghtened by the world around us ( the old blueprint) . We need to retrain our mind ( use the mental diet ) and “expand our comfort zone”. Expose yourself to things you fear ( do it safely and don’t be reckless)

2)Desensitize the brain slowly to your fear to help you face them . However, if you avoid a fear ,it becomes worse ( if you think failure, you get more failure , dream abundance and you get more ) Don’t suppress negative emotions because they become magnified . “Do it now” and make quick decisions ( with intelligence and not impulsively) . Reward yourself for small victories (similar to our chore cards ) ;the treats are physical and mental

3) Be mindful and change your brain ( use the power of thought and feeling as stated by Haanel to create change and train your subconscious mind. Meditation and Repose along with deep breathing exercises can help you overcome fears!

4)Write down your fears ! If your rewrite ” I am fearful ,” it becomes “I have a thought that I am afraid of .” Creative visualization can assist your thoughts and visualize your future self ( like the guy /gal in the glass ) . Journaling can also help you work through your fears .

5)Get outside your comfort zone . Know your limits and focus . Fear of failure is due to a lack of a plan of action. Mastermind with a mentor or friend that you can trust . Expand your comfort zone through mastermind groups, and by realizing that you can reframe your fear and turn it from a negative to a positive

6)Build confidence: ” fake it till you make it”. You can trick your mind by expanding your posture ( wonder woman or other power poses ). This has been shown to increase confidence, raise testosterone and decrease cortisol levels . Don’t let your fears limit you or let your failures define you . Have Faith and Trust in yourself !

7)Belief is powerful . Its already inside you. “You are natures greatest miracle.” Believe of the existence and express it ! Live your purpose doing random acts of kindness with a positive attitude and be happy ! Define your purpose , be persistent and have a plan of action ( sounds like my DMP and the Blue print builder)

Simply stated , it is important to take risks , embrace failure and believe in yourself

The following are several quotes that I found to be impactful about courage :

Jon Gordon – “No challenge can stop you if you have the courage to keep moving forward in the face of your greatest fears and biggest challenges”

Winston Churchill- “Fear is a reaction, Courage is a decision “

Maya Angelou- ‘Without courage , we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency . We can’t be kind , merciful , generous , or honest ”

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe : “Courage is the committment to begin without any guarentee of success “

Mark Twain: “With courage , you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble . Courage is the foundation of integrity “

How did I observe and impliment courage ?

The week was characterized by periods where I would increase my focus and strength when I was in a situation . I would say to myself ” be courageous and confident in your ability to show leadership to inspire others “. ” Do it Now .” This was not only at work but also when I was officiating basketball games . I was determined to blow the whistle harder and be confident in my calls . By doing this , I was able to demand respect from my partner , the players and the coaches . I saw courage in children that were fighting for the basketball during a game sitiuation as they had the strength and determination to succeed and win. At times there was agression and foul play ; their confidence and beliefs did not change . I saw people who were not feeling well show courage to persist despite having severe pain and disabilities . I saw many struggle and fail because they lacked faith and didn’t trust their abilities so they showed a lack of courage. I was encouraged by the ability of many people to show courage in the face of defeat , and they were willing to try again the next day. That is true courage ! The image of the person walking on a tight rope over the waterfalls is a metaphor to remind me to push forward and not look back . I need to have tremendous courage to overcome my fears and take risks to get over the waterfall ( “over the hump”); I will succeed and realize my truth that I am a miracle of nature ! I invite you to read some of the wonderful blogs of my fellow members that have witnessed miracles happen in their life by being a part of the Master Key Experience!

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