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Be a Hero: Manage Discipline, Answer the Call and Resist Temptation : Week 17 HJ- Master Key Experience

My virtue this week was Discipline . Discipline involves a variety of changes to your daily routines which can have a positive impact on your life . Self -discipline means that you need to be responsible for your actions. This requires taking action steps and developing a consistent plan to create long lasting effects . The three types of discipline involve the mind , body and spirit. Examples of mind discipline are focused reading, listening to podcasts , and obtaining knowledge via workshops or webinars. Body discipline is characterized by exercise and nutritional support. Both help the mind function maximally . Spiritual discipline refers to meditation, self -reflection , and visualization. Self discipline is therefore a habit and a personal choice that cannot be coerced, even though some feel that it is a requirement to follow strict laws enforced through punitive measures .

Self Discipline vs Self Control

Self -discipline -training and control of oneself along with your conduct usually for personal improvement . Self- control -the ability to manage your actions, feelings and emotions.

Although they sound the same, they are quite different and they affect one another. Self -control is discipline in the face of pressure from an immediate desire or urge. It stops us from doing an activity that we are contemplating or already doing. An example is to stop us from eating a second doughnut ;discipline keeps us from picking up the first one! Self -control challenges habit and fights emotional comfort . It relates to eating, smoking , drinking, and other physical pleasures that give us temporary psychological comfort.

Self -discipline expects consistency, helps us meet deadlines , and to accept responsibility . It relates to accomplishments and hopes for prosperity . Self discipline asks us to wake up early and self control keeps us from hitting the snooze button. Poor self -control thwarts our discipline . However, excessive self-discipline can drive us to binges of no self- control by being too strict and allowing us not to have any fun!

How to Build Self-Discipline :

Self- discipline starts with self ! It is about leaning into resistance, and taking action , despite how you feel. Live your life by design and not by default . It’s acting according to your thoughts and not your feelings . You might not feel like writing a blog post , or waking up early, but you know that doing it is conducive to your happiness , wealth, and success. You don’t need to feel motivated when you know what must be done.

1)Set huge goals – ( a burning desire) – the only true failure in life is not attempting your big goals . If you don’t fail , then you haven’t taken risks ! You can’t build discipline without knowing what it looks like for you.

2)Proper Mindset- Have a strong determination to change your life and work hard. Have an intention and stay focused (visualization). Do it now! Some may use a commitment aide to keep your focus ( NARC).

3)Build tiny habits – These are easy to do . Do one push-up .Drink one glass of water. We laugh because they are so simple (Its like our chore cards). Change is hard. Motivation is unreliable as a tool because the effect wanes over time .

4)Celebrate small wins. This is from the commitment of our tiny habits .Write down three things why your day was great or gratitude . Give yourself the credit you deserve !

5) Be 100 % responsible for your actions. It is not enough to simply talk about the things you want to accomplish. Go “Beast mode ” according to Sean Terry , a motivational speaker and successful real estate investor . According to Brendon Buchard , author of High Performance Habits, we should” measure our activities daily, weekly , monthly and adjust our efforts and habits accordingly”. There are a variety of things you can do like eat healthy, exercise ( to build your brain and add muscle to your body ), and Mastermind with someone else to achieve greater success!

My Hero’s Journey

Fortunately, I am answering the call to action by observing Discipline in myself and in others . Everything is already in place : A burning desire (DMP) , Persistent and continuous action , Mastermind groups , Gratitude and Happiness and chore cards! This is the path to personal and spiritual transformation ! Resisting temptation is challenging . Breaking away from the old blueprint is a slow process but well worth the effort . There is no turning back . Be a Hero !

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  1. Laura Hitt

    Thank you so much for breaking that down! Very helpful to think about what those virtues are about, and how to go about implementing and practicing them. Great examples of what’s helpful in building self-discipline, I will come back and re-read so that I can practice. … Thinking about what I tell new ninja turtles when I explain a part of our student creed that says “self-discipline.” I don’t differentiate too much between self-control and self-discipline because they are very very young. Although, I like your explanation and differentiation, it’s helpful. I usually tell the little ones something like “It means having control over yourself, and your body… and it means being able to get yourself to do what you need to do.” (If I’m explaining it further I say that they can get themselves to do something they know they need to do in order to get a goal that they want.) Of course, I have to simplify it, and I’m referring to them being able to control themselves during class (for self-control) and being able to get themselves to practice and really to show initiative at home- by doing what they need to without waiting for their parents to ask them. If something else comes to you for explaining it to very iittle ones, let me know! Thank you. Great explanations!

    1. philipmach1

      That sounds great !
      Thank you for your comments
      I think the Practice part is great for discipline and that they want to get better and improve themselves and have a goal
      That itโ€™s not a matter of forcing yourself but it just needs to be done !
      Self control is the emotional aspect to keep silent and still so they can focus and improve their discipline . I think what you say is quite effective . I know I am not supposed to give opinions … .

  2. hereinspired

    I appreciate you describing the differences between self-discipline and self-control. Not something I had considered before and a good thing to understand! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jamie

    Wow great read. Thanks for sharing this with us all ?

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