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Applied Knowledge for Purpose and Power – Week 20 Master Key

To all those who are in my Universe , knowledge is a wonderful thing . This applies when you know where to find it and how to use it correctly.

Specialized knowledge means knowledge obtained by an individual through means of research and ambition . Subsequently, you can apply what you have learned by using imagination to create ideas for both personal use and others . One can be a scholar, but lack a mastermind group or not know about the subconscious mind and the power within . The more specialized your knowledge is , the more valuable you are in society. Napoleon Hill wrote a chapter about specialized knowledge in the book ,Think and Grow Rich, that many still used today. This is the Fourth Step toward Riches . “The accumulation of great fortunes calls for POWER, and power is acquired through highly organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge , but the knowledge does not, necessarily, have to be in the possession of the man who accumulates the fortune.”

Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie obtained their specialized knowledge utilizing a mastermind group to acquire riches . Another example where specialized knowledge applies is if you are a physician ; a specialist has more valuable knowledge than a general doctor. The more people know what you know , the less valuable you are. The more people learn what they know from you , the more necessary you become and are sought out . The better you are at articulating your truth and knowledge , the more in demand you become. The more people rely on you , the more in demand and valued you become. The more you give and provide service to others , the more you will receive in riches . Specialized knowledge is among the least expensive forms of service which can be obtained .

How do you organize, pay for and utilize the knowledge that you acquire?

Anyone can answer questions about many things . A contestant on the game show “Jeopardy” may have a large amount of knowledge about many things , but they probably utilized a mastermind group and knew where to get the special knowledge to become successful. An educated man is not necessarily one that has an abundance of specialized knowledge. He needs to develop the knowledge and power from within. Why clutter the mind with useless facts , when you can organize and gain knowledge through others with the assistance of a mastermind group and connect to the Universal Mind.

It pays to know how to purchase knowledge. Decide what kind of special knowledge you need , and determine the purpose for which it is needed. Your major purpose in life ( the goal the you are working toward,DMP ) will help determine what you need . The next move requires that you have accurate information about dependable sources. The most important of these are through personal experience and education. Experience and education available through the cooperation of others: Master Mind Alliance , Universities , Public Libraries, Special training courses ( online or home study ). As knowledge is acquired it must be organized and put into use for a definite purpose through practical plans and action! Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from the application toward a worthy end (“knowledge must be applied “-Haanel). Successful people never stop acquiring special knowledge related to their major purpose , business or profession. Home study requires ambition and discipline , which leads to an action plan. Special knowledge leads to imagination which generates ideas in the form of organized plans . The Master Key Experience has hammered the point repeatedly that the habit of learning to obtain the information necessary for your major purpose will present itself through the power of thought , repose , creative visualization , persistence and the willingness to never give up.

My personal experience

The master key course discussed building the perfect plan . Perhaps it’s not coincidental that the popular movie ,” Sonic the Hedgehog “is now playing in many theaters . Growing up ,this was a very popular video game that I played. The object was to collect as many rings as possible and defeat the demons utilizing speed, courage , and” special skills or knowledge along the way .” I think the “rings” can be used as a metaphor for success based on effort and determination . The more rings you accumulate , the higher your success. The essay written by Isiah Berlin “,The Fox and the Hedgehog” , discussed the “hedgehog principle.” The essay has been interpreted in many ways but it illustrates the difference between a fox and a hedgehog. The fox has many strategies for different problems and” can live with contradictions”. The hedgehog, on the other hand ,focuses on the “big picture ” and reduces problems to one organizing principle with a selective action plan for success. “The hedgehogs are more decisive and viewed as better leaders,” according to psychologist ,Phil Tetlock . The perfect plan includes the categories : what are you passionate about (DMP) , what youcan be the best in the world at (your gifts or your product ) and what drives your economic engine. Hedgehogs focus on the one or two most important revenue generating activities that need to be scheduled daily . “Plan the work and work the plan .” For me, in my real estate business, I need to generate leads, and close deals ! The specialized knowledge necessary is applied to generate power and to achieve my major purpose . I have had several positive experiences based on positive action since the implementation of the “hedgehog Principle” . All of the virtues implemented to date including initiation , organization, courage, and discipline, have provided me the confidence to break through my previous limiting beliefs . My plan is to pay it forward and share the Specialized Knowledge obtained from my mastermind groups and mentors to create the Power to fuel my Major Purpose and Desire .

I am proud to share my fellow master key member’s blogs for gaining more Specialized Knowledge. There are others that are equally informative , but they are far too numerous to be listed here.

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  1. hereinspired

    Happy to read that you’re having positive experiences from applying the ‘Hedgehog Principle’! Great quote about power and wisdom! 🙂

  2. Bibi Lindahl

    Very interesting post, dear friend! Specialized Knowledge is my virtue in the week to come … I’ll go back and read this post one more time, ‘cos it gave me som a-ha moments that I want to remind myself of when I begin that week. Thank you so much for sharing! Keep up the good work! ♥

    1. philipmach1

      Thank you for your kind thoughtful words of support . It means so much to me when you read and enjoy my blogs

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