Philip Robert Mach

Did you ever say to yourself , “WOW”, am I really where I want to be in my life? When you reach the end of your life and think about success,would you chose to have more money or to have a greater  impact on the world ? Why not do both ? The master key will allow you to do both to achieve success and we can show you how.   I was working as a healthcare practitioner for many years and helped thousands. However , I knew there was more that I could achieve . After  I experienced the master key , I realized that I could have a greater impact on helping others worldwide and help them discover how to be a self directed person with purpose. This is achieved  by learning how to influence your subconscious mind .  There is creativity of your imagination. I am creative through the expression of music as a musician playing trumpet and piano . I also have a strong love for family and have gratitude for my life and for humanity .