Real estate Joy

My needs are Liberty and Creative Expression:

   I am 63  years old and have a medical background working as a physician for 20 years . I have always lived a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly . My passions include lifelong learning , teaching and educating others to lead a better lifestyle, as well as  officiating sports . I enjoy playing musical instruments including the trumpet , piano  and trombone.  I’m presently working as a salesman in my family business in the lumber industry .  I have gratitude, and humility daily . As the  sole caretaker of my father who is 97 years old, I am blessed to  live with such an  extraordinarily passionate man ! He works 7 days a week , still has a very sharp mind , a young heart and a powerful  will to live ! I get my strength , motivation , determination and wisdom daily because of him , and everyday is a gift. 

  I am developing my brand through online education courses ,  a weekly podcast,  and writing books . I am fascinated with  alternative medicine and passionate about cooking .  My desire is to help others to realize their true greatness and potential .  I believe in self development, self directed thinking ,and helping others to  establish  goals and  follow their hearts with a strong desire!   I  have faith in my abilities to succeed with a positive mental attitude and  give service to others without expectation of reciprocity . I always keep my promise .              Philip Mach