I truly have no experience in this and this is trial by learning . This week the readings really made me sense the connection between the conscious and subconscious minds. I realized that one needs to control negativity to allow the creativity and positive energy to flow and keep harmony flowing : thus creating pleasurable experiences . If there is any negativity , there is chaos and disruption . One therefore has to control the negativity , anger and keep a steady emotional state, despite all of the hatred and jealousy that we face daily. . We sit and relax daily to maximize our energy flow and therefore learn how to control and harness this power! I had a very powerful realization and a light bulb went off in my head this week .( the picture above). I have faced many haters at work this week who have tried to disrupt my flow of energy and I have been trying to stay the course. I’m still having trouble sitting for long periods but its getting better . I am getting things done that I haven’t been able to touch for months and I feel positive and motivated to explore further nature of desire and strengthening the subconscious mind.

This has been a fantastic week of discovery. I have seen some amazing intricate blog sites including panda girl , Anita, and Anna and the prose , artwork and thought content was outstanding . I guess I need to step up my game.. lol .

My DMP is updated, I’m learning how to tweet , and write a blog .. this is all mindblowing . I love reading about all of the other peoples journeys and the support has been fabulous . I’m hooked this time and I can’t dwell on last year when I did not put the proper time to devote helping myself on my journey.

Look out world .. here I come .. and I’m taking all of you with my on this crazy and wild journey! I feel the positive energy flowing through my body !

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